About us

SUPERTEX, INC., Established in 1982, Is a Fully Integrated, and Vertical Warp Knittng Mill.  We are Engaged in the Production of Raschel and Tricot Fabrics for a Wide Range of Textile Applications.


SUPERTEX, INC., Manufacturers of Industrial Mesh Warp Knitted Structures such as Geosynthetic Geogrids, Erosion Control, Apparel, Home Furnishings, Automotive, Ticking, Military, and Now High Strength Tubular Knits for Wattles, Packaging and Absorbent Booms.  


We have Recently Expanded our Facilities to Include Dyeing, Finishing, and Coating, to widths up to 220 inches.  We also do Slitting and Chopping.


Our Philosophy of Innovation, Technology, and Experience, has Resulted in Our Positive Growth and Success.