Company Profile


Established in 1982, We are a Modern AMERICAN, Versatile, Service Oriented, Multi Gauge, RASCHEL and WARPKNIT Tricot Knitting Plant. We have Full Dying, Finishing, and Coating Capability. We Produce Fabrics for Apparel, Intimate Apparel, Industrial, Automotive, Home Furnishing and Novelties. We produce a full line of Geosynthetics such as PET Geogrids and Erosion Control fabrics. Our newest product line of High Strength Tubular Knits for Erosion Control, Oil Spill Absorbent Booms, Meat Packaging, Christmas Tree Packaging, Military Products. We use Yarns of Natural Bio-Degradable, Spun, and Synthetic, with Widths up to 230″.

In the Rolling Countryside of North Carolina’s Triad, between Greensboro (GSO) and Raleigh/Durham (RDU) airports. We are Making a difference in our friendly community of Liberty and proudly producing Only Here in the USA.