Quality Assurance

Our State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities are Operated Under a Total Manufacturing Quality Assurance Program.  Our Professional Staff Maintains, Supervises and Audits All Levels of the Manufacturing Process, Resulting in the Production of the Highest Quality Products.


Our Goal is Customer Satisfaction.  We Are in Tune With Our Customers’ Wants and Needs, Sending Key Personnel to Visit Their Facilities and Discuss Performance on an Ongoing Basis.  A Variety of Infrared as Well as Electronic Scanning Devices are Used Throughout the Production Process – from Warping and Knitting to Dyeing, Finishig and Coating – to Ensure Consistent Quality.  Prior to Shipment, the Fabrics are Again, 100% Inspected by Our Quality Assurance Department.


Constant Personnel Training and Manufacturing Quality Assurance Programs Insure That You Get The Best Product Possible.  Each Product Goes Through the Following Checkpoints Before Shipping:


WARPING – Quality Fabrics Begin With Quality Warping and Quality Yarns.


KNITTING – During the Knitting Process, Highly Technical Infrared and Laser Scanners Provide Detailed Scrutiny of the Fabrics.


FINISHING – Quality Finishing is Insured by State-of-the-Art Computerized Heat Setting Equipment.


FULL MANUAL INSPECTION – Highly Trained Personnel, Commited to Manufacturing Quality Products, Consistently Monitor the Production Process From Start to Finish.


RE-INSPECTION – Orders Are Re-Inspected at the Quality Assurance Department Prior to Shipping, to Insure Customer Satisfaction.